Cut stones, how to choose them.

Although concrete blocks, bricks and aerated concrete have become construction classics, freestone has not lost its nobility and continues to be the material of choice. Less easy to implement, it nevertheless remains an essential classic in renovation or construction.

Cut stone can be used to build an exterior perimeter wall , make a paved floor , or build a stone wall. To find quality materials, you have to identify the right dealer and make your selection carefully.

What is dimension stone?

The freestone (sometimes abbreviated as ” PdT “) is a “freestone” (as opposed to reconstituted stone) which is taken from a quarry , then erected (more or less finely) on its 6 faces . We speak of “dressed stone” when the rough stone has been cut and flattened on all its faces and when its facing (the visible face of the stone, which can vary according to its intended use) is flat and rectilinear .

The different uses of dressed stone

Cut stone is a noble and expensive material, but it can be used for the construction of walls (load-bearing or not) , low walls , pillars , framing of openings or bases , and as a cornerstone.

Cut stone is popular because of its aesthetics . Due to its rather high cost, a similar result is sometimes obtained by using dressed stone only as a facing , to give the illusion of a wall built entirely in dressed stone.

The price of freestone varies considerably depending on whether it is quarry stone or salvaged stone (often cheaper), but also depending on the nature of the stone and its availability or not near the site. site. Caen stone will obviously be cheaper in Normandy than in the south of France.

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